Minor Operation Game

Minor Operation Game

Minor op is an interactive electronic game similar to giant operation. The object of the game is to remove the body parts without touching the cavity sides. Ideal for corporate hire, trade shows, exhibitions, office and other parties and promotions.

Minor Operation

How the game works

The object of the game is for the players to pick up the body parts with the wand without touching the sides of the cavities. If the sides of the cavity are touched the part drops back into the cavity. Each time this occurs there is a bleep, the light flashes and a penalty point is added to the score. The winning player is the one finishing the game with the lowest number of faults.

An electro magnetic game, this is ideal for trade shows and exhibitions. It comes in a handy flight case so can be carried by hand into an exhibition hall or conference centre. The game can be placed on a table and measures approx 4ft x 2ft. It's big enough to create interest and small enough to move around. . Each time the sides of the cavity are touched the buzzer sounds and a fault is registered on the display screen


A smaller version of saw bones/giant operation, the game is approximately 3ft 10"  x 1ft  10" and is placed on a table top. It can be used by all ages and requires a 240v electricity supply. 



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