Garden Games Hire

Garden Games Hire

Garden games are available for hire as additions to our main games or games packages. Where garden games only are required we recommend customers purchase the games (see below). 

Our main delivery areas for garden games are the West Midlands including Wolverhampton, Dudley, Coventry, Birmingham and Kidderminster.

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Games Hire

Midland Games offer garden games and fete games for hire as add-ons to our main hire products..We also offer garden party packages which include table tennis, table football, crazy golf courses, soft archery and many of the garden games shown below.

Giant Garden Games - Hire or Buy?

It is worth considering the following when looking for games for your event: If a hire company is providing garden games as part of a larger hire package there will be a minimal charge for garden games (as delivery is already included) and it is therefore feasible to hire this way.

For customers hiring only garden games, it may be better to purchase them. Masters Games, Big Game Hunters and Uber games sell a large range of garden games at a reasonable cost. Alternatively search for 'garden games for sale.' By purchasing the games you will be able to use them after your event. Also, bear in mind that hiring garden games as a stand alone product normally involves the payment of a damage/loss deposit.

We would also suggest hiring or buying from well established bona fide businesses. Legitimate businesses will normally provide their company address and phone number, company registration number and email address on their websites.  


Garden Games Arenas

For that special occasion we also offer attractive flagged bunting and white fencing as a surround, as shown in the main image above. Ideal for weddings and corporate hire. Garden games arenas are only available as an additional/add on hire product to games and games packages. (For an example see Garden Party Package GP3). 

Giant Connect Four Giant Snakes and Ladders 4 hole mini golf

Giant Connect Four

 Giant Snakes & Ladders  4 Hole Mini Golf
Noughts and Crosses
Giant Noughts and Crosses Cannon Ball Drop  Giant Jenga
Velcro Target Game  Mini Boules  Giant Dominoes 

Velcro Target Game 

Mini Boules  Giant Dominoes 

Garden Skittles

Sack Race Croquet
Garden Skittles Sack Race Croquet
  Quoits Rollors
Lawn Darts Quoits  Rollors 
Ring the bull fete game Feed the clown fete game hire Splat the rat fete game hire
Ring the bull Feed the clown Splat the rat
Games List

Giant Connect 4     A game for two players or two teams, the first to place 4 of the same colour counters in vertical, horizontal or diagonal row wins the game. Indoor or outdoor.

Giant Snakes and Ladders  The players are the counters in this traditional favourite with a few twists. Indoor or outdoor.

Mini Crazy Golf    Four hole mini golf obstacles with clubs and balls, easy to set up and play. Indoor or outdoor.

Giant Noughts and Crosses  The object of the game is to get a winning line of 3 noughts or three crosses in ether a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Indoor or outdoor.

Cannonball Drop  The players pull straws from the tumbler, player with the least cannonballs wins the game. Indoor or outdoor.

Giant Jenga/Hi Tower     Played by up to 4 players/teams. The wooden blocks are pulled out and placed on the top of the pile. The game is lost when the stack collapses! Indoor or outdoor.

Giant Pick Up Sticks  The object of the game is to pick up a stick without moving any of the others. The person with the most sticks is the winner. Indoor or outdoor.

Velcro Target Game   The players throw soft velco balls to score as many points as possible. Indoor or outdoor.

Mini Boules   A small version of garden boules, get the boules as near to the jack as possible. Indoor or outdoor.

Giant Dominoes   Suitable for all ages match up the dots. Indoor or outdoor.  

Garden Skittles   Six skittles and two bowling balls, how many skittles can you knock down! Indoor or outdoor.

Sack Race    Five giant sacks for all ages, who can get over the line first! Outdoor.

Croquet     Traditional lawn game, knock the balls through the hoops. Outdoor.

Quoits   A simple but fun game for any number of players. each throws 3/4 ropes to score the highest points total. Indoor or outdoor.

Rollors   A new game invented in the USA. Two players/teams roll the wooden rollors as near to the pyramids as possible. Outdoor.

Feed The Clown  Can you get the balls through the clowns mouth?

Ring The Bull Throw the rope rings ..How many can you get on the bulls nose?

Splat The Rat Quick reaction game, can you splat the rat, with the bat before the rat hits the floor..

Ball in The Bucket  Throw the balls into the bucket, not as easy as its sounds.


Customer Comments

"The garden party was a great success and all games hired from Midland Games was a massive  hit!"


Thank you very much for the giant garden games which we really enjoyed, we hope to hire you again next year.

Drive System Designs.

Just to say a big thank you for organising the games for us yesterday. They were all a great success and worked brilliantly. Thank you for the excellent service, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you.

Kindest regards,     Kate.


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