Cross Lights Light Reaction Game

Cross Lights Light Reaction Game

Ideal for corporate hire, events, promotions and conferences our catch the light reaction game is a test of speed, accuracy and reflexes. Great fun for one or two players and suitable for most ages. 'Cross Lights' is a very fast light reaction game & you need to be quick to score! See the video clip below to see the game in action! 

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Cross Lights

Played by one or two players, the object of this light chaser reaction game is to tap the buttons as the lights light up. A test of eye to hand co-ordination, speed and reflexes the game works on the same principal as batak,  Ideal for corporate events, exhibitions, conferences and promotions. Crosslights is a also great game to hire as part of one of our games packages and can be included in our interactive games packages. Cross lights light reaction game is also ideal for office and indoor parties.

We also offer our cross lights light reaction game for sale which may be of interest to customers using the game on a regular basis.. 

The game measures approximately 2ft x 4ft and is presented in in a compact flight case, which can be placed upon a table. Catch the light uses a standard 240v mains electricity supply.    

The object of the chase the lights game is to press each light before it goes out. Each player has a cross pattern of lights which light up randomly, The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.Alternatively,with the one player option its a straight race against the clock to acieve as many points as possible. The game lasts approx 30 seconds and each button pressed scores 1 point. 

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